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Jersey Shore

Pauly D’s Stalker Is a Professional: Inside Her Celebrity-Obsessed World

Remember Pauly D’s stalker from last week’s episode of Jersey Shore (Season 5, Episode 6: “The Follow Game”)? Well, Examiner has some shocking details on the young lady’s personal life, and it turns out that Pauly is not the only victim of Vanessa Ellis’ “stalking” expertise. Far from it.

In the episode, Pauly and Vinny immediately recognized Vanessa as one of Pauly’s “stalkers,” and Examiner is reporting that she isn’t a recent phenomenon. “Vanessa has had run-ins and posed for pictures with the cast as far back as 2010.”

But the weirdo factor doesn’t stop there. Vanessa has a Facebook album called Me&Celebs!!, and there are hundreds of photos of the Brooklyn fan with A-list celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Bono, and Robert Pattinson (!). In nearly all of the photos it looks like the stars are trying as hard as they can to get away from her, but ultimately found it in their hearts to pose for a quick pic.

Luckily for Pauly D, he isn’t the only Jersey Shore guy that Vanessa has “stalked.” She’s posted pics of herself smiling with his co-stars The Situation and Ronnie. Is this girl certifiably crazy, or is she just really into taking photos with celebrities? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Sources: Examiner, Facebook

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