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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life’s Megan Park Teases a ”Shocking Relationship” Nobody Expects – Exclusive

Fans of Grace (Megan Park) and Jack (Greg Finley) rejoiced when the off-again couple smooched in the final minutes of mid-season finale of Secret Life of the American Teenager.

They convinced each other it was “just to see” if they still had feelings for each other, but we’re convinced they really do.

We asked Megan Park what she thought of their future together and what else we can expect when the show returns on March 26.

Wetpaint Entertainment: The mid-season finale ended on an interesting note. Where do Jack and Grace go from there?

Megan Park: She definitely goes through such a roller coaster this season, relationship‑wise. She starts out with somebody that everybody knows, and then, it ends up taking a very drastic turn.

Grace, I think, has changed the most out of any character on the show, and I think this year is the year that she changes the most. And she freaks out. Like, who am I? What am I doing? Where am I going? What am I doing in life?

It's kind of a crazy year for her. And the way that she deals with that is pretty unexpected actually. It's the craziest year that Grace has ever had.

What about Grace and Jack. Do you think they belong together?

I don't know. I really like Grace and Jack together. I think that they just need to do their own thing and be crazy and then get back together in like ten years. But I don't know.

Jack is the favorite boyfriend that I think Grace has ever had, and plus I really like working with Greg, so it's fun.

I assume it's over with Daniel (Sinqua Walls)?

Well, Daniel doesn't disappear forever. I will just say that. He's not gone for too long.

Credit: ABC Family    

There was a lot of sex in that last five minutes of that finale.

I know. When I read the script, I was like, "I can't even believe that this is allowed." But I'm continually surprised and amazed at the boundaries that we push.

And this year it really does get crazier in the finale, if you can believe it. It really does get crazier.

No hints?

Definitely a shocking, shocking relationship that you wouldn't expect, that's what I'll say.


Within the group of people that everybody knows really well already.

It doesn't seem like things are going to be like super hunky-dory for Amy and Ricky this season?

No. Definitely not. There's definitely some major shake‑ups. There's definitely some things that fans are going to like, but there's definitely going to be a relationship within that core group that people will definitely not expect.

What do you love about still being on Secret Life?

It's kind of become my family. It's so comfortable and fun, and it's a character that I know so well and I'm really committed to. Not only do I love the people that I get to work with, and it doesn't really feel like work, but it's a character that I really love.

I've never worked on a show for this long before, ever. I've only worked on a show for one season at a time. It's such a new and cool thing for me to get play one character for, this will be the fifth season this year, for five years and just see how the character grows and changes.

And also, how much we've all grown and changed since the first year. It's been such an amazing experience.

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