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The Bachelor

Ben Flajnik’s Final Six! Which Woman Is Your Favorite?

We are nearing the end of Ben Flajnik’s journey as the Season 16 Bachelor, and six contestants remain.

Though we have yet to see Ben truly click with any of the ladies enough for us to determine who will have his heart in the end (thanks to all the Courtney Robertson hate-a-palooza), we think Bachelor fans have gotten to know his final five ladies well enough to hand out their own roses.

So, tell us, who’s won your heart so far? Is it:

- Nicki Sterling, the sweet divorcee who’s ready for love again?
- Courtney Robertson, the sexy model who knows what she wants?
- Lindzi Cox, the laid-back hottie with the sultry voice?
- Kacie Boguskie, the adorable and sensitive Southern belle?
- Emily O'Brien, the PhD student with mad lyrical skills?
- Rachel Truehart, the timid fashionista with the “slow burning” relationship with Ben?

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