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The Bachelor

Does Courtney Robertson Have Too Much Influence Over Bachelor Ben Flajnik?

Guys aren’t that complicated. If they’re into a girl, they usually show it. And Ben Flajnik has been showing it early and often for Courtney Robertson on The Bachelor Season 16. They had their first date in Episode 2 and it was pretty much Ben <3 Courtney 4EVA since then.

But is Ben showing his cards too clearly? Is Courtney already the boss of him? Does she hold too much influence over a guy still dating a few other ladies that have admitted to falling for him deeply? Let’s consider the evidence:


• Ben likes aggressive, worldly girls with nice legs
So… check on that, Ms. Robertson. Chris Harrison noted that Courtney basically knocked Ben out right when she exited the limo. Ben called her a “pretty girl” in his understated style, but he’s been drooling over her ever since. He said he wanted a worldly, professional woman and Courtney has talked about traveling the world to model. Sure, he told Emily O'Brien he wanted a woman who was smarter than him, but Little Ben has to have his say too. Ben also said he likes girls who can rough it. We know horse whisperer Lindzi Cox can rough it — dirt is her makeup! — but tonight’s Utah date should show whether Courtney can rough it too. If she gets a rose on that fly fishing group date, it could be another sign that Ben is leaning toward her for long-term purposes. (Or it could be that we’re just being led to believe that...)


• Scotch likes her and Ben thinks his sister will like her, too
Ben’s dog Scotch is his baby and Courtney already had a leg up by meeting him in Episode 2. Courtney got Scotch’s seal of approval and in San Francisco he made a point to tell his sister Julia that he thought she would get along with Courtney. Who cares if the ladies in the house don’t like Courtney — he’ll probably never see them after the show. (Good things don’t end unless they end badly, remember?) The only opinions that are likely to matter to him are his own, his family’s, his friends’ and his dog’s.


• Ben’s obsessed with her
In Episode 3, Ben openly admitted to Courtney that he’s been thinking about her all the time. He’s pretty obsessed already and thinks she cast some kind of spell on him. They have the most effortless physical chemistry so far and it remains to be seen if that will develop into something more. Ben still has other ladies to date and it’s possible they will catch up or even surpass Courtney. But at this point, Courtney is as safe as they get.

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• Did she convince him to dump Shawntel Newton?
A lot of folks — including Shawntel herself — think Courtney’s rose ceremony message to Ben is what sealed the deal to send “what’s her butt” home. But it’s more likely Ben already knew he wouldn’t keep Shawntel before even showing up at the rose ceremony. He probably did not make that decision on the fly, but he gave the appearance of being influenced by Courtney which is probably why Episode 4 puts her in the hot seat. When Blakeley Shea got the group date rose in Episode 2, she became the target of wrath. When Shawntel looked like a threat in Episode 3, she became the target of wrath. Now that it at least looks like Ben is Team Courtney, the claws are out to bring her down.

• She pretty much got him to commit to meeting her family before the rose ceremony
Call it reverse psychology... call it playing the game perfectly... or call it REAL LOVE! Whatever it is, Courtney's second one on one date in Episode 7, where Court told Ben she was hesitant to bring HIM home to HER family, resulted in Ben trying to prove HIMself to HER... and ultimately telling her that HE'd love to meet HER family. (OK, so you get what we're trying to say, right? She got the rose before she even got the rose. Skills.)

• The spoilers look good for Courtney
Reality Steve’s sources are confident that the finale comes down to Lindzi vs. Courtney with Ben proposing to Courtney. They are reportedly engaged right now. That would lead viewers to believe that Ben was pretty sweet on Courtney early on and kept looking for the bright side with her every step of the way, despite the angst of the ladies in the house. Maybe Lindzi represented the girl he thought he should want, whereas his passion was clearly more for Courtney. Two months isn’t exactly a long time to get to know someone and people who go on The Bachelor tend to be adventurous, so it makes sense that the classic passion vs. stability set-up for the finale often goes toward passion. Then again, it could be that Ben develops more passion for other ladies along the way and Courtney is only his #1 right now. Could the spoilers be wrong?

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