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Grey's Anatomy

Elizabeth Reaser Wants Back on Grey’s Anatomy: ”People Need to Pressure Shonda!”

Katherine Heigl isn’t the only former Grey’s Anatomy actress who’s just dying to be asked back on the show.

Elizabeth Reaser, who memorably played the multilingual Rebecca Pope on Seasons 3 and 4 of Grey’s spoke up about her desire to reprise the role in an interview with TheaterMania: “I would love to go back and see what Karev [Justin Chambers] is up to.”

Rebecca was originally known as Jane Doe, after Karev found her in the wreckage of a ferry accident. She was pregnant and had amnesia, so Karev nursed her back to sanity and the two wound up falling in love. Until, of course, she slit her wrists in Season 4 and he was forced to send her to a psychiatric facility.

But Elizabeth wants her character to come back anyway. “People need to pressure Shonda Rimes to have me back!” she says in the interview.

You tell us: Would you be interested in the rest of the Karev/Rebecca love story?

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Source: TheaterMania

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