Is Kacie Boguskie Bachelor 16’s New Mean Girl?
Credit: Francisco Roman/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    
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The Bachelor

Is Kacie Boguskie Bachelor 16’s New Mean Girl?

Whoa, Kacie Boguskie! We saw an uglier side of the southern belle and fan favorite in this week’s Season 16, Episode 7 of The Bachelor, which had us wondering... maybe Courtney Robertson isn’t the big bad villain that everyone has made her out to be.

While Ben Flajnik was on his one-on-one date with Emily O'Brien, the remaining ladies got into a chat that seemed pretty innocent... until Kacie B. went on a sort of rant to the cameras about how Courtney was the “shi**ie*t” person and how she’d like to squash her like a bug. (A spider, to be exact.) Yowzers.

Then there’s the fact that all the girls can talk about is how horrible Courtney is... which smells a lot like jealousy. Not to say that Courtney is completely innocent but do you think that Courtney is getting a bad rap and that she’s right to not like the other girls so much?

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