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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap of Season 2 Reunion, Part 3: Kim Richards Discusses Her Alcoholism

These shoes were made for cursing! Tonight’s final reunion segment of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was another heavy episode, with Kim Richards giving details of her battle with alcoholism; Dana Wilkey explaining her difficult upbringing; and Brandi Glanville and Taylor Armstrong clashing once again. The only thing we can all agree on? The fact that Mauricio Umansky has got a seriously sexy butt. (No argument here!)

Tonight’s episode, the third part of the Season 2 Reunion, continued with Taylor detailing Russell’s allegedly abusive behavior. She described an incident in which Russell was hiding in the bushes while she met with her friends, and then Russell attacked them, hitting someone in the head and holding Taylor’s head underwater in the pool. Taylor says she had to convince her friends not to press charges.

On another occasion, Taylor says that Russell popped her jaw out of the socket, and Taylor had to pop it back into place over a toilet. (She says that her jaw wasn’t actually broken, which is why Russell disputed Camille Grammer’s claim that it was.) Taylor also says that Russell was convinced she was cheating on him, so he had set up recording equipment and had even asked her to take a polygraph test, which she passed. As we said, heavy stuff.

At this point, Brandi says that Taylor’s claims don’t make sense. Brandi says it’s not right that Russell isn’t here to defend himself, and Camille agrees. Brandi then apologizes for criticizing Taylor’s book during the previous reunion segment but that she felt provoked by Taylor’s question about the slashed tires. Taylor then chimes in that Brandi brought up the book first and says that people should first try walking in her shoes.

Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo © 2012 NBC Universal, Inc.    

And speaking of shoes, Dana is wearing a pair of shoes that you probably (or should we say, "hopefully") don’t have in your closet. That’s right — hers have the f-word on them, along with a diamond, in order to set them apart from all those other shoes with the f-word on them that don't have a diamond. Plus, we doubt Dana owns anything without diamonds on them, right?

Dana says she doesn’t feel ashamed for having not-so-subtly boasted about the price of her sunglasses, especially given all the clothes that Giggy wears. Of course, to be fair, Lisa says that's because of Giggy's alopecia. (Plus, can Giggy help it if he's feeling fancy sometimes?) Dana then points out that she left home at age 15, and that her mom was poor and her dad was rich, so she often had trouble fitting in. Then again, wearing shoes with expletives on them isn’t exactly the best way to fit in.

As far as game night, Dana doesn't feel badly for siding with Kyle and Kim Richards over Brandi. Dana says that Kyle was just trying to help Kim look good in the bathroom, and that Kyle was right to lash out at Brandi for the drug comments. However, Brandi says that Dana should go back and watch the episode, and Brandi even calls her “Pam” in the process. No love lost between these two!

The husbands join the festivities, and they start by addressing the most pressing matter at hand: Mauricio’s undeniable hotness. Host Andy Cohen points out that Mr. Kyle Richards has been voted by viewers as the hottest husband of all the Housewife franchises, which Kyle finds hard to believe. (Take that back, Kyle!)

Mauricio says he hasn’t received any nude photos this season (for shame!), but he does give us a little something to think about as we see quite a fair amount of his butt in a clip from Hawaii. And yes, it’s as amazing as we imagined it would be. We may never be the same.

Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo © 2012 NBC Universal, Inc.    

In other news, Brandi claims that she is attracted to everything about Lisa’s husband, Ken, and Ken admits that women tend to find him quite attractive. (Way to stay level-headed, buddy.) Ken then says he thinks that Cedric Martinez showed up at SUR just to get on TV, and Ken thinks the thought of Cedric as a life coach is laughable.

Next, Kim speaks with Andy one-on-one, in which she confirms that she had recently been admitted to rehab for a drinking problem and that she’s an alcoholic. She says she suffers from panic disorder and severe anxiety, and that this was her third stint in rehab.

The last time she sought treatment, the center had prescribed a variety of anxiety medication, and she admits to not having taken all the pills that she was supposed to be taking. She says that her big problem comes when she mixes the medications with alcohol.

Kim tells us it’s clear that she wasn’t drinking in the early part of Season 2, as she was able to provide support for Taylor in Colorado. However, it becomes evident later in the season that she was under the influence, and from that point on, Kim says she is unable to watch herself on the show. In fact, the clip of herself taking off her bra in the limo is too much for her, and she asks Andy to turn it off.

Kim says that she had just started some brand new medications right before game night, which contributed to her behavior. And she says that she would like to apologize to Brandi for hiding her crutches, but that Brandi also needs to apologize to her. Kim says she can be civil to Brandi in the future but can never forgive her for the anguish that she caused her family.

Kyle then joins the discussion, and Kyle feels that Kim is back to her old self, and that even hugging her feels differently than it did before rehab. Kim acknowledges that her addiction caused additional stress to their relationship, since Kim would forget things that she had said while she was intoxicated. Kim says that she hasn't spoken to her ex-boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld since rehab, and she also claims that she was just joking when she said she might be pregnant.

Ultimately, it was another tough episode at times. But it was a relief to end on an upbeat note, as Kim seems on the road to recovery, not to mention that Kyle and Kim seem happier than ever. Okay, so they still seem like they’re gonna bicker now and then, but nobody's perfect, right?

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