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The Voice

The Voice 2012 Recap of Blind Auditions Round 3: Decisions Get Tougher and Competition Gets Stiffer

Though in the third round, the blind auditions for The Voice on February 13 were no less exciting than last week’s premiere. In a competition where every contestant is talented and each team has a limit, the decisions get more challenging for the judges as each round of blind auditions begins.

Sarah Golden

The judges came out fighting for the first contestant, Sarah Golden. Sarah mentioned that she has seen interest from several record labels, but they always asked her to change her appearance — so it seems like The Voice is a perfect fit for her.

Singing Lady Gaga’s “You and I,” Sarah was able to convince Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton to turn for her, and then got a front row seat as the two duked it out to add her to their teams. Though she claimed to want them both, Cee Lo said, “Oh, you can’t handle us both baby.”

Encouraged by Cee Lo’s saucy tone, Sarah picked his team, and Blake was bitter, claiming Cee Lo is asleep behind his shades during the majority of the show.

Elley Duhe

This 19-year-old singer dropped out of school to follow her passion for performing, and her original version of Duffy’s “Mercy” had the judges interested. Unfortunately, they weren’t intrigued enough to press their buttons and turn. But beyond her vocal talent, the judges were impressed by Elley’s positive attitude and appreciation for the opportunity to perform.

Pip Andrews

It seems the young talent didn’t stop there. 19-year-old Pip Andrews took the stage and brought the house down with his powerful performance of “The House of the Rising Sun.” Every single judge turned and was surprised to find that Pip’s appearance didn’t quite match his voice.

The claws came out as the judges all battled for this Georgia native. Christina Aguilera played the “Mom card” saying she’d give him her time and attention, while Blake claimed he could “really focus on the fact that [Pip is] a guy.” Is that supposed to be persuasive, Mr. Shelton?

The singer ultimately landed on Team Adam, citing Adam Levine’s quick button pressing as his reason for the difficult decision.

Erin Willett

Half the appeal the blind auditions is the personal connection viewers get to certain contestants’ back stories. Erin’s raw emotion and passion was amplified when she found out that her supportive father had been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.

She took the pain and threw it into her impressive performance of The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” Despite having a soulful tone typically suited for Christina or Cee Lo, Blake was the only judge to press his button and quickly called Christina out for “screwing up.”

David Grace

This college football star and current coach thought he could bring style to the classic “Sweet Home Alabama.” However, despite Blake and Adam shouting across the judges’ chairs at each other to press their respective buttons, no one picked the Texan.

Katrina Parker
To save her from her boring office work, Carson Daly personally delivered this Californian’s blind audition invitation. If her co-workers didn’t know she was a performer before, they do now. Katrina had to stop singing due to a mold-related illness, but took to the stage ready to get out two-years worth of pent up tunes.

Her rendition of “One of Us” inspired Adam to turn his chair and though he was the only judge to do so, Carson comforted her family saying Adam was the “pickiest” of the judges and that his selection was a real honor.

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Geoff McBride

It seems the spirit and look of Stevie Wonder was on The Voice tonight. Husband and father of three, Geoff McBride, has worn sunglasses since a boxing injury left him with a damaged retina and asserts it’s “not a cool factor.”

Appropriately, Geoff sang Stevie’s “Higher Ground” and Christina and Cee Lo were ready to take him there. Christina seemed convinced that Geoff would go for Cee Lo, pleading with him and saying, “I may not look like Cee Lo, but I’ve got soul too!”

“Everybody knows you got soul girl!” Cee Lo amicably responded. Apparently Geoff knows that too, because he picked Christina.

Erin Martin

This exotic beauty came to The Voice to prove that she’s more than just a pretty face. She described herself as an “Egyptian warrior princess” and had the outfit to match.

Her peculiar vocal stylings intrigued Blake and Cee Lo, and once he turned, Cee Lo knew what he had to do to get Erin on his team. He immediately turned up the charm saying, “You look like a wonderful creature of a woman. You look beautiful … I mean, quite naturally you belong to me, don’t you agree?”

Clearly she did, and despite Blake’s attempts, Erin joined Team Cee Lo.

James Massone

This 23-year-old Boston native was more than ready to get out of the family auto shop. Equipped with a high school Letterman jacket, the performer sang “Find Your Love” by Drake, and shocked the judges when they found out he was white.

Christina, Blake, and Cee Lo all turned and James became choked up and speechless. One of his first comments was what was on the audience’s mind — “Adam what happened with you?”

Wanting to stay out of the judges’ battle, Adam praised James’ talent and after numerous thank you’s and blessings, the musician went with Cee Lo — his “first choice.”

Winter Rae

With blue hair and a tattoo-covered body, Winter was ready to get out of her job at the Los Angeles bowling alley, Lucky Strike, and hit the stage. Despite her rocker appearance the singer loves R&B. Also surprising is her famous friend, Perez Hilton, who even came to the audition to show his support.

Unfortunately, Perez was forced to comfort Winter after none of the judges turned for her performance of Rihanna’s “Take a Bow.”

Chris Cauley

Not everyone likes a “Mamma’s Boy,” but apparently “Grandma’s Boys” are just fine with The Voice judges. This Georgia native cited his country singing grandmother as his ultimate inspiration.

Ignoring his country roots, Chris belted out the Bruno Mars song “Grenade,” which caused Cee Lo and Adam to turn their chairs. Not wanting to make the decision himself, Chris suggests Adam and Cee Lo arm wrestle. Adam admits he would lose in that competition, but ends up winning Chris in the long run.


The Voice does a quick run down of Nathan Parrett, Brian Fuente, and Moses Stone who join Teams Adam, Blake, and Christina respectively. Each was only picked by one judge, but that doesn’t make either of them any less of a competitor.

Jordis Unga

Having performed for punk and pop groups in the past, this musician is looking for her solo career. She puts all her effort into her performance, even physically crouching close to the stage.

Blake, Christina, and Cee Lo all turn and almost immediately, and switch on their charm to snag this fantastic contender. But it’s Blake’s desperate plea and impressive words that appeal to Jordis’ strong desire to win.

That’s all for this week! What did you think of tonight’s performances? Any stand-out competitors?

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