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The Lying Game

The Lying Game Recap of Season 1, Episode 17: “No Country For Young Love”: Ethan and Sutton Make Out!

Ready for a wild night of double indemnity, shirtless hunks, and FBI covert ops? This week’s episode of The Lying Game was even more thrilling than usual, and we’re not just talking about our reaction to Ethan (Blair Redford) saddling horses. Ride ‘em, cowboy!

The Horse Whisperer

Last time we checked in on Sutton (Alexandra Chando), she was riding stallions with Ethan out in the wild, wild west. Turns out rugged farm life suits our little Suttster, because she’s taken to wearing mass amounts of flannel and distressed leather boots. (Whatever, girl, Loubies will always beat Timberlands!) Between all the ropin’ and the wranglin’, Sutton and Ethan are having flirtatious bonding sessions over the place – both about their past, and about Ethan and his pops.

Meanwhile, Daddy Whitehorse gets himself a lady farmer fan-girl. The problem? His guilt about Ethan prevents him from taking her for a roll in the hay, so instead he stone cold rejects her. Luckily, the Whitehorse boys make up thanks to Sutton’s words of wisdom, and and pops finally gets his flirt on! Sigh, Sutton must work for Cupid. It’s a Valentine’s Day miracle!

Of course, Ethan can’t help but re-visit his feelings for Sutton, and after a long day of horse rides and Legends of the Fall reenactments, they make out next to a roaring fire. Let’s give Ethan the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s suffering from twin hallucinations.... We refuse to believe boyfriend is a cheater!

Toga! Toga!

Looks like Emma (Alexandra Chando) can finally breathe a sigh of relief! Mads (Alice Greczyn) is surprisingly cool with the fact that her bestie has been lying to her for the past few weeks (seriously, how long has it been?), and wants to help clear Ethan’s name!

First on the agenda? A trip to the police station. Mads, Thayer (Christian Alexander), and Emma meet up with Dan Whitehorse (Tyler Christopher), who tells them that Derek was dealing drugs to a preppy frat boy around the time he was killed. Naturally, this gives the gang no choice but to head to a college party, where they meet Gavin, Derek’s client who belongs to Alec’s (Adrian Pasdar) old fraternity! Coincidence? We think not.

Mads uses her subtle feminine charms (a tight dress, obvs) to buy her way into the party, and the three stooges meet a frightened pledge who says he saw Alec kill Derek! Oh no he did not! Actually, we can totally see Alec as a killer. But wasn’t he with Rebecca all evening? Talk about a game-changer, ya’ll!

Credit: Felicia Graham/ABCFamily Channel © 2012 Disney ABC Television Group    


Alec is determined to pin Derek’s murder on Ethan, and he’s thrilled when someone at the reservation tells him that Ethan’s crashing with his pops. Yep, there are traitors among us! Derek immediately sends a fleet of FBI agents to arrest Ethan, who – by the way – is wearing just his six-pack. Did he and Sutton do the deed?

Meanwhile, Rebecca’s suspicious after Mads and Emma ask her about Alec’s alibi for night Derek died, so she and her man have an evasive conversation over an expensive cut of filet mignon. Great, now we’re hungry.

In other news, the original Mercer spawn (aka Laurel) gets a big break when Rebecca agrees to help her band produce a demo! OMG, this is like Taylor Swift all over again! Of course, Justin (Randy Wayne) is less than thrilled – especially because Laurel’s taken to singing dulcet melodies into Baz’s handsome face. After realizing that Justin is still super sketchy, Laurel breaks his sad grifter heart when he comes to visit her in the recording studio. But we have a feeling this wont be the last of Justified! After all, he lives at the golf club.

Meanwhile, Ted (Andy Buckley) and Kristen’s (Helen Slater) relationship is falling apart. Ted can’t stand Rebecca’s involvement in Laurel’s life, so he yells at her outside the clubhouse and they have yet another vague conversation about their past. To top it off, Ted refuses to tell Kristen what his beef is with Becs! Sigh, will we ever find out whether this broad is Sutton and Emma’s real mom?

Don’t forget to tune in next week to an all-new episode of The Lying Game! Who knows? Maybe we’ll get some answers about Alec’s murderous ways!

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