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The Bachelor

What Did Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik Talk About During the Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 7?

What did Courtney Robertson say to Ben Flajnik to assuage his fears about her intentions for being on The Bachelor Season 16 (however minor they were)?

While editing didn’t allow us to get a full listen to the conversation, we can only imagine that Courtney just reaffirmed his belief/hope that she was a misunderstood model that all the girls were hating on. And, to be honest, the girls weren’t in their best form this week — so maybe he was right to give her a rose.

Courtney has revealed to the cameras that she’s been let down by men in the past and, in contrast to the other girls this week, showed a more vulnerable side to her, and if her tears didn’t melt her critics’ hearts, that’s no matter, because it was sure to melt the heart of her biggest fan.

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