Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

What Should Secret Life’s Character Do for Valentine’s Day?

It might be summer in Secret Life of the American Teenager land, but it’s February in the real world, aka the most romantic month of the year! Time to send flowers to your secret crush, and practice kissing with your pillow!

In the meantime, we have a few Valentine’s Day suggestions for all our fave Secret Life guys and gals. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a few tips for your big day!

Ricky: This is Ricky and Amy’s first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple! They should celebrate in style — and without their adorbz love child in tow (no offense bay-bay John). We suggest a candlelit dinner, followed by a movie at Ricky’s pad. Something romantic, like Sixteen Candles (or 16 and Pregnant!).

Amy: We’ve already pitched our ideas for Ricky and Amy’s big night out, but it’s called Valentine's Day. Amy is so stressed (what with having a kiddo and all) — girl needs to show herself some luvin’ before her date with the Rickster. We’re talking mani/pedi, Thai massage, and a trip to the hair salon. Her baby daddy can pick up the tab. Ricky should probs buy some condoms while he’s at it — you know, in case he runs out of the giant box he was holding in this season’s promo ....

Ben: To be honest, we’re worried about Benny. Maybe instead of boozing up in local parks, he should hang in the sausage store and braid meat links into hearts.

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    

Adrian: This Valentine’s Day should be all about Adrian — because let’s get real, she’s still coming off that churro meltdown. We suggest girlfriend buy herself some cute lingerie and lounge around on a bed sprinkled with rose petals! With any luck one of Grace’s older man friends will be knocking on her door in no time!

Grace: Grace and Jack are maybe back together, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get physical! Maybe these reunited lovebirds should skip the romantic dinner and spend the night in bed talking about the color pink and how they used to be in the abstinence club. Memories!

Jack: Jack needs to avoid Madison at all costs. Otherwise Grace will break up with him before he has a chance to change into his Cookie Monster outfit. (Her naughty Valentine’s Day present, duh!)

Ashley: Sigh, Ash will spend Valentine’s day alone this year. Alone in the spirit world, because we’re pretty sure she’s RIP status.