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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans on Being Bipolar: ”I Was Always in Denial”

On the Teen Mom 2 finale, Jenelle Evans was diagnosed by her rehab doctors with bipolar disorder, a psychological condition which causes extreme mood swings. Did she ever suspect anything?

"I thought about it, but I was always in denial, like no, no," Jenelle explains on the Teen Mom 2 After Show.

"Because everyone’s like, 'Your brother and sister are just crazy, how are you normal?' I’ve always just been called normal my whole life, but then finally when I hit that very low point in my life, I was like, 'Well, maybe something is wrong.'"

Kieffer left Jenelle, like, a thousand messages in rehab, but when she finally called him back it was to officially break up. What gave Jenelle the strength to end this toxic relationship?

“I knew if I sat there and started talking to him again, I was just gonna have him in my head all the time and I wouldn’t be going to therapy,” Jenelle says. “I would lock myself in my room just to talk on the phone with him. I wouldn’t be focusing on myself. He would be a total distraction.”