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Teen Mom

Kailyn Lowry Admits She Should’ve Broken Up With Jordan Before Hooking Up With Ex Jo

Kailyn Lowry and boyfriend Jordan broke up on the Teen Mom 2 finale after she told Jordan about sleeping with her ex and baby daddy, Jo.

As she tried to defend her actions, she almost seemed angry with Jordan, though she was the one at fault.

"I thought he would maybe try to put himself in my shoes a little more," Kailyn explains on the Teen Mom 2 After Show.

"And I’m not justifying what I did at all, but I just was kind of like ... all the expression went away on his face. He just sat there like, 'OK.' He was mad, but it was like he didn’t understand."

Their relationship was already on the rocks when she unleashed her bombshell.

"We both kinda saw it coming in the back of our minds ... He had a gut feeling that something was going to happen," she says.

"In my stomach and my heart and my mind, if I was truly in love with him, I wouldn’t have done what I did either. I think that I should definitely have come to terms with it and broken up with him before it happened.”

As for her hook-up with Jo, she was disappointed that he announced that they had shower sex on national television.

"It just made me feel like he used me, he didn’t really care about it, and he’s telling people our super private life," she says.

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