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Revenge Speculation: Where Is Lydia and Is She Coming Back?

Revenge has a amazing team of writers and producers, but if they think they can get away with writing off the elegant and ever-sleuthing Lydia Davis, they have another thing coming!

Last time we checked in on Conrad’s sultry mistress, she was confined to a bed in the Grayson manor with amnesia. Girlfriend had finally started putting the pieces of her memory back together when she overheard Victoria spill the beans that Frank tried to kill her.

By the end of episode 9, Conrad had moved Lydia “someplace safe,” and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

So, what did Conrad do with his gal on the side? We have a few theories.

1. She's Dead!

We wouldn’t put it past Connie to have one of his lackeys push Lydia off yet another building to silence her once and for all.

2. She's in a Mental Institution

It’s possible that Conrad stuck Lydia in an insane asylum to shut her up. After all, that’s what he did to Amanda Clarke when he needed to keep her quiet! Sigh, straightjackets aren’t a good look for anyone, least of all a socialite.

3. She's Wandering the Beaches

Let’s not forget that Lydia sustained some pretty serious injuries from her fall. Without proper care she could go bat-crazy! Is she currently roaming the beaches of the Hamptons like a homeless grifter?

4. She's Living on the Upper East Side

Maybe Conrad paid Lydia off (again) and bought her (another) fancy apartment on the Upper East Side! If so, she’s probably best buds with the van der Woodsens by now, which is a whole different brand of crazy.

5. She’s Plotting Her Revenge

What if Lydia is plotting her own personal revenge against Victoria? This aspiring socialite was ready to take her bestie down before, and it’s likely that she’ll try again. Poor Victoria is getting it from all sides!

Where do you think Lydia is? Dish your theories in our poll!

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02.15.2012 / 10:15 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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