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Teen Mom

Teen Mom 2 Finale: Chelsea and Adam Get Back Together, Are They Still a Couple?

Sigh! Do you ever want to slap your bestie upside the head to knock some sense into her?

That's how we felt watching Chelsea Houska go running back to on-again/off-again boyfriend Adam Lind on the Teen Mom 2 Season 2 finale.

After seeing him at a car show, Chelsea got that fluttering feeling again. Then Adam admittedly looked pretty cute when he came to pick up Aubree for a visit.

So when he called to see if Chelsea wanted to go on a motorcycle ride, it was no surprise that she said yes (and basically jumped up and down in joy).

So are Chelsea and Adam still together now, nearly a year later?

Thankfully, it seems like Cheldam are dunzo, for good!

Judging from the preview of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, there may have been cheating on both sides.

And in recent months, Chelsea has been tweeting about her single girl life on Twitter, including visiting Jamie Lynn Spears.

Meanwhile, Adam is (or was) dating a new girl last fall. It's unknown what his relationship status is right now.

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