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Top 5 Most Romantic Moments of Bones – The Early Years

With Valentine's Day today our minds are filled with hearts and flowers and romance and... Bones? Yes, Bones. Despite all the decomposing bodies and the murderers behind them, our favorite comedy/drama has had some seriously swoon-worthy moments. Without further ado, here are our choices for the top five. Bring on the romance!

5. What goes on between us stays between us

In "Night at the Bones Museum" (Season 5, Episode 5), Brennan goes out with Booth's boss, Andrew Hacker. They end up at Founding Fathers, where Brennan tells him that when Booth orders the meatloaf, he orders without the egg. (We secretly loved that Brennan couldn't stop talking about Booth, even when she was on a date with someone else.) Later, Booth gets upset when he learns that Brennan told this story. When Brennan asks him what the big deal is, he leans over her desk and says, "Because what goes on between us is ours." It's the perfect mix of desperate and charming.

Not only does this scene reveal that Booth doesn't spill these cute little stories to just anyone, he sees them as a unique bond between himself and Brennan. He cherishes their time together.

4. Sweets's proposal to Daisy

We couldn't have a most romantic list without including Sweets and his proposal to Daisy. At the beginning of "The Bones on the Blue Line" (Season 5, Episode 15), a man who's just kicked cancer dies right in front of Sweets on the subway — right after telling Sweets about his battle with the Big C. Our Bones crush is shaken. He's been thinking seriously about his life and avoiding Daisy, causing her to wonder if her Lancelot is going to dump her. Instead, he shows up at the lab with his mother's engagement ring and offers a very heartfelt proposal. Daisy says yes! Daisy might bug the heck out of us, but Sweets loves her. There is, as they say, a lid for every pot.

3. I'm the gambler

Speaking of Sweets, we're pretty thankful for his fascination with Booth and Brennan's will-they, won't-they relationship. He's the only one who keeps nagging them to acknowledge their feelings. In "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole" (Season 5, Episode 16), he encourages Booth to take a chance because he's a gambler at heart. Sweets says, "Make that work for you this time." Booth takes the advice to heart. Right before he admits to Brennan that he loves her, he says to himself, "I'm the gambler."

2. I'm your guy

When Angela finds out she's pregnant with Wendell's baby in "The Proof in the Pudding" (Season 5, Episode 12), she's hasn't even had a chance to tell her baby daddy when Hodgins says, "I'm your guy." He doesn't care that the baby isn't his, he doesn't care if they are married, he just wants to be with her in whatever way he can. When she isn't even sure if she's going to keep the baby, Hodgins assures her she is and tells her again, "I'm your guy." It's so romantic and heartfelt that Angela gets choked up. Even better? She eventually ends her relationship with Wendell and finally gets around to marrying Hodgins.

1. It's not Christmas without a Christmas tree

"The Santa in the Slush" (Season 3, Episode 9) has that smokin' kiss under the mistletoe between Booth and Brennan, but the real romantic moment comes later in the episode. Brennan secures the conjugal room for her brother and father so they can all spend Christmas together, but they're not allowed to have a Christmas tree in the room. (In a prison, ornaments = potential weapons.) Brennan remarks throughout the episode that she really wishes they could have a Christmas tree, and before Booth goes to spend his day with his son Parker, he calls Brennan and tells her to look out the window. What does she see? Booth standing in the parking lot holding a Christmas tree. He says, "Merry Christmas, Bones," and she is so touched she almost tears up. Booth wants to make her happy; what's more romantic than that?

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