A Jersey Shore Love Story: How Did Snooki and Jionni Meet?
Credit: Photo via Snooki's Twitter    
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Jersey Shore

A Jersey Shore Love Story: How Did Snooki and Jionni Meet?

If you've been paying attention and haven't been playing too many drinking games while watching Jersey Shore, then you should know how the romance began between Snooki and Jionni, her boyfriend of a year and a half or so. If it's a blur, here's the rundown...

Back in Season 3, Vinny thought he'd get lucky when he brought home a girl named Gina, but Gina's entire family (one of whom was Jionni!) showed up to rescue her. Yes, we repeat — Jionni stepped foot in the Shore house all the way back in Season 3 (photo evidence here).

We don't know whether the pint-sized couple formally met the night of Gina's rescue, but they definitely hooked up a few episodes after that, when Snooki called Jionni "Bernard." Ah, those were the days.

The Seaside love-match went on to make it through a long distance relationship during filming for Season 4 in Florence and Snooki now even says she and Jionni were meant to be.

We can hear the wedding bells (well, wedding beats) already!

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