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Glee’s Top Samuel Larsen Quotes: The Best of Joe Hart in Glee Season 3, Episode 13: “Heart”

On February 14’s Glee Season 3, Episode 13: “Heart,” we finally got the chance to see Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen join fellow winner Damian McGinty (Rory) and take a coveted slot on the Glee screen.

As has long been expected, Samuel’s character, Joe Hart, came to McKinley High as a “different” kind of Christian kid. In honor of his Glee debut, we’ve compiled our favorite Joe Hart quotes of the night.

1. Better watch yourself, Troutymouth. Don't tarantulas usually eat frogs?
Sam (Chord Overstreet):
Can I ask a question? What's with the tarantula head over here?

2. Translation: We don't care if he looks like a senior. We want him on the show for another two years.
Joe (Samuel Larsen):
I guess I'm a sophomore. Been home schooled my whole life. But, this past year I realized my best friend was my mom, so I decided I wanted to get out and experience the world.

3. Well, the body is God's temple, after all. Why not?
What's with the tats?

Joe: Bible quotes. And each one of my dreds is named after a book of the Bible.

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4. Yep. Plus, it's a super-comfortable way to study.
Joe: "You guys mind if I take off my shoes? I'm kind of used to going to school barefoot.

Quinn (Dianna Agron): He's like a teen Jesus.

5. So it's like a thing now? That's his new nickname?
All four of us sing, and Teen Jesus and I play guitar, so I thought we could use the money to adopt a highway and start a shoe drive.

6. We bet his dad wears shoes. All that door-to-door walking would be pretty difficult, otherwise.
It is a religious holiday: St. Valentine's and all that. And I'd love to show the school that it's cool to be Christian. We aren't all just door-to-door Bible salesmen like my dad.

7. Jesus <3s Brittana.
Hi, my name is Joe. Santana Lopez asked me if the God Squad would sing a love song for Brittany S. Pierce, and after thinking and praying about it, I knew there was only one right answer: Absolutely.

What was your favorite Joe Hart quote of the night? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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