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Rachel and Quinn Win E!’s Top TV Couple: Faberry Crushes Competition!

The results are officially IN for E! Online's voter poll of TV's Top Couple and the winner — BY A LANDSLIDE — is the Glee couple that never-has-been and perhaps never-will-be: none other than Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron)!

Faberry fans — as you've come to be called — you are a mighty, mighty force when you set your minds to something! (And for those outta the know, scratching your heads in puzzlement, head on over to Tumblr. IT'S A MOVEMENT!)

Not only did the 'ship land in the top slot, but the rallying cry of the Faberryers set a record high for page turns for a single post in the entire history of the E! website. (WHAT?!?! YES!) And after a quick investigation to make sure all the voting was on the up-and-up, E! deduced that the fans are "just a group of hardcore, dedicated shippers who organized mass-voting times (all hours of the night), and obviously took this thing very seriously."

To which we say: WHOA.

And: Congrats! (You've even scored a response from the woman behind Quinn Fabray herself, Dianna Agron!)

In honor of the win, Dianna posted this adorable Valentine’s Day-themed photo of Lea and her on Twitter. Swooning yet?

We love an underdog story, and despite ALL signs in the opposite direction — a pending Finchel wedding, to name but one! — these fans clearly know what they want... and how to rep it!

Source: E! Online

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