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”Speak of the Devil, or Should I Say Devil’s Daughter”: Top 10 Revenge Quotes From Season 1, Episode 15, ”Chaos”

As thrilled as we are that Daniel isn’t six feet under, we’re seriously mourning the death of Tyler (RIP, lover-boy!).

Slip into your slinkiest black Alia dress and check out the 10 best quotes from last night’s game-changing episode of Revenge — most of which are courtesy of Mr. Barrol’s quick wit and dry humor.

10. Amanda flirts with her man: “Thanks, Skipper.”
Jack: “Nolan called me that. He was kind of my half Gilligan, half Professor.”

Who needs college when you have Professor Nolan’s school of geek love?

9. Tyler plots and schemes: “Daniel’s about to find out exactly how bad his taste in women really is.”

Answer: Super bad.

8. Jack leaves Sammy Dog with Emily: “It’s a long trip and he’s not exactly a puppy anymore.”

Amen to that.

7. Tyler answers Emily’s call: “Speak of the devil, or should I say the devil’s daughter?”

We’ll be answering all phone calls like this from now on.

6. Tyler puts on his tux: “How do I look?”
Amanda: “Under medicated.”
And criminally handsome!

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5. Jack scolds Declan: “Do me a favor, the next time you want to get a 17-year-old girl drunk, don’t do it here.”

Jack is such a buzz kill.

4. Tyler quips at Amanda and Emily: “Are we done be cathartic over there, because we are wasting time.”

Tyler officially owns our hearts. Rest in peace, buddy.

3. Daniel greets Emily: “Tick-tock, Cinderella, time’s a-wasting.”

When did Daniel start sounding so middle-aged?

2. Victoria chats with Emily: “Blood will always be thicker than water.”

Tell that to Tyler.

1. Nolan comes up with a plan for Emily: “Sail away. Fall in love. Go make little volunteer babies.”

Nothing’s more adorable than a volunteer baby.

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