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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries’ Daniel Gillies: Elena Will Have Hell to Pay With Elijah in Season 3, Episode 15, “All My Children”

Daniel Gillies is a god among men. “I’ve died four times on this show alone,” he tells TV Line of The Vampire Diaries. Elijah’s life is currently in jeopardy thanks to one Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), who sealed his fate along with the rest of the Originals in some kooky spell cooked up by the witch Esther (Alice Evans). According to Gillies, “there’s going to be some hell to pay there” in Season 3, Episode 15, “All My Children.”

Elena’s not the only one facing some Elijah wrath. “[Esther] needs to be taken out,” Gillies told TV Line — and the Originals siblings might just band together to do it. It sounds dangerous. We’re constantly worried about Elijah’s life, especially now that Gillies is committed to a new show, Saving Hope. But Daniel put our fears to rest. “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from The Vampire Diaries,” he says — except maybe for that Originals spin-off we’re all dying to see: “I’d love to be a part of something new like that.” Our hopes are officially up.

Source: TV Line

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