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Jersey Shore

Are The Situation and Paula Dating?

On Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 7: "Love at the Jersey Shore," things heated up between The Situation and his legitimately hot "main squeeze," Paula. The guidolicious couple got it on, and she talked about how special he makes her feel, because of all the girls he could hook up with, he keeps picking her (apparently she's unaware of his not-so-great smush record in the house).

So, did Paula succeed in wife-ing up Sitch post-Season 5?

Apparently not. Although it's possible these hook-up partners are still seeing each other on the side, Sitch is living the single life right now.

The muscled guido was recently spotted partying with girls all over him, and when asked how he wanted to spend Valentine's Day 2012, he responded that he was hoping to show some Sports Illustrated swimsuit models around Vegas.

We guess Sitch is just too much for one girl to handle.

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