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The Bachelorette

Constantine Tzortzis Defends Bachelor Ben Flajnik For “Harsh” and “Unfounded” Criticism Over Courtney Robertson

Constantine Tzortzis is still not a fan of Courtney Robertson and he still seems to think she’s totally wrong for his buddy Ben Flajnik. But in his blog on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 7, Constantine defends his Team Red Dragon twin from The Bachelorette Season 7, asking fans to put themselves in Ben’s shoes and not judge him for his decisions about Courtney since he didn’t have all the intel viewers have now.

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“The criticism of Ben to this point has been pretty harsh which I feel is unfounded because a lot of the viewers are seemingly failing to realize that the show was filmed many months ago and all of his decisions to this point have been based on about 90% LESS information than we are getting every Monday in the broadcast,” Constantine writes.

Yes, but people also trashed Bachelorette Ashley Hebert for falling so hard for Bentley Williams when she was never shown the stuff Bentley was saying behind her back. Viewers lose respect for Bachelor/ettes who can’t see garbage folks at home tend to think is obvious, even if it’s never obvious in real-time.

As Constantine continues:

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

“I have also heard from viewers that are angry that Ben hasn’t listened to the advice and warnings of the other girls on the show. Let’s take a different angle on this for a few minutes……

The ‘Courtney’ that Ben has spent his time with is beautiful, confident, honest and sweet. He also has told us that she displayed just enough of a ‘weirdness” and ‘edge’ that he is typically attracted to in a woman.

‘and god help you if you are an ugly girl
course too pretty is also your doom
cause everyone harbors a secret hatred
for the prettiest girl in the room’

It was obvious to the viewers and to the other Bachelorettes that Ben and Courtney had a mutual attraction from the start of the show. Based on the above lyrics from Ani Di Franco and the repeated warnings about Courtney, what if Ben thought that all of the other girls (knowing that they saw how he and Courtney acted around each other) conspired to get the strongest girl off of the show first (ala Survivor) by making her out to be a terrible person?

My point is that we all have made mistakes, missed signs and ignored red flags in our own personal relationships. Imagine if every week, ten million people got to watch a tape of your highs and lows. I’m sure we would all have some horribly unflattering moments that would make us want to jump off of a cliff if any of our closest friends saw them much less strangers who would never fail to remind you of your least finest moments every time you tried to venture out of your house. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no one is above criticism and everyone makes mistakes. How many times have your friends told you that they hated your girlfriend/boyfriend but you ignored them only to find out much later (and at a greater personal cost) that this person was indeed horrible and you wasted so much time on someone that your friends knew was bad news all along? True, Ben signed up for this process so he will get what he gets but if you are a viewer who REALLY has some true concerns about Ben’s decision making abilities then I feel it is important for you to play devil’s advocate on a show like this because I can honestly say that until you’ve been in front of the camera, it is almost impossible to describe the actual disconnect from reality.”

Read his full blog here. Great stuff.

But to play devil’s advocate, as requested, Courtney is also currently in front of the cameras on a reality TV show. Isn’t it possible people — including Constantine — shouldn’t be so harshly judging her motivations if they don’t know her personally and weren’t there either? It’s great that he’s defending Ben because he knows him and cares about him, but doesn’t Ben know and care about Courtney? Or is this a sign that Ben has basically written her off? Courtney is being edited and produced just like everyone else and it’s not like she’s pulling a Bentley to insult Ben, she’s just aggressive with her moves and brutally honest about not liking the other girls. Why is it a mistake that Ben likes her? Why are they wrong together because America wouldn’t hand pick her for him? Is he really being “played” when he’s been given so much honest info from Courtney herself, and the other ladies, and he’s chosen to side with Courtney? Maybe Storm Horse is a perfect match for Queen Court and the only mistake is to assume the worst of both.

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02.17.2012 / 03:01 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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