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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole: Only One Thing Has Embarrassed Me on Jersey Shore, and It Is… (VIDEO)

Haters gonna hate, but we have to give props to Jersey Shore's Deena Nicole: The girl is not afraid or ashamed to be herself, even if being herself means being a mess sometimes.

Despite the number of times she's fallen for no reason, tried desperately to hook up with Pauly D even though he's just not that into her, and generally been a big ol' goofball on national TV, Deena told the NY Daily News that only one thing has embarrassed her on Jersey Shore: "When I didn't wear the underwears to the club, and then I liked...thrusted that window. That was embarrassing."

But also oh-so entertaining! That was basically the best thing that happened on Season 4.

In this video from the NY Daily News Deena and Sammi talk about their image, and open up about their dreams for the future. Check it out:

Source: NY Daily News

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