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How Will Castle and Beckett Escape From the Sinking Car in Season 4, Episode 16: “Linchpin”?

Raise your hand if you can’t wait for next week’s Castle! At the end of Castle Season 4, Episode 15, “Pandora,” the unthinkable happened: Castle and Beckett were plunged into the ocean — in a vehicle, no less. And even though it’s almost the end of the week, we’re still reeling from the final minutes!

But more important than the past is the future. So, how will Castle and Beckett survive this one? Sure, they’ve had plenty of other brushes with death: ferocious tigers, losing hours in near-freezing temperatures, not to mention Beckett’s terrifying finale shooting, and survived them all.

That being said, we’ve been racking our brains trying to deduce how Caskett might escape their latest fiasco, since, well, they can’t die. We’re rounded up a few ideas.

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The Obvious Answer: Sophia Turner Saves the Day

We don’t know if Castle or Beckett had time to whip out their handy-dandy cell phones and hit their handy-dandy panic buttons, but it’s very plausible the CIA has been keeping tabs on their latest confidants in other ways, too. Plus, with Beckett saying the “last thing” she wants to do is be rescued by Castle’s girlfriend, it would be a rather nice (although envy-inducing) touch.

Other Options:

Ryan and Esposito Swoop In

Like in Season 4, Episode 10, “Cuffed” — when a hungry tiger is this close to treating itself to a Castle and Beckett sandwich for lunch and the smart lil’ sidekicks save the day — Ryan and Esposito could somehow have been working on the case behind their partners' backs and discovered that they’d be at the pier. Or not. Too much of a stretch?

Castle Risks His Life for Beckett

Castle’s clearly not afraid to do whatever it takes to save Kate Beckett. Twice now he’s tried to shield her from bullets! We don’t know much about saving people drowning in cars, but we can bet that if there’s a way to survive that involves one person biting the dust, Castle will try to sacrifice himself …

Beckett Risks Her Life for Castle

… that is, unless Kate Beckett realizes it first. She’s a regular Mother Teresa when it comes to Castle’s safety these days.

Blakely’s Second Coming

It looked like Professor Blakely was shot after jumping out of the car, but what if he’s not dead? What if he’s swimming around in the ocean and conscious enough to be able to help out his drowning, um, acquaintances somehow?

Pure Luck

Remember when Castle pulled out all the wires at the tail end of “Countdown” and stopped a bomb from exploding on NYC? It was a crazy, split-second move, but it paid off.

Castle’s crackpot ideas aren’t actually so bad when utilized in life-or-death situations, it turns out. Sometimes instinct rules. Maybe Castle will pull another crazy, there’s-no-freaking-way-that-could-work-but-it-has-to-because-they're-the-stars-of-the-show-and-they-have-to-live moment?

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