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Dancing With The Stars

Mitt Romney Says He’ll Never Do Dancing With the Stars

No one was holding a spot for Mitt Romney on Dancing With the Stars Season 14, but the trend of the week is for high-profile Republicans to fully disclose their intentions to skip sequin duty so … cue Mitt!

Yesterday, former GOP presidential candidates Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann said they were asked to do DWTS but declined. On Wednesday, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade asked Romney what he thought of Herman Cain’s decision not to dance. “Under no circumstances would I ever consider going on Dancing With the Stars,” Romney told Brian (via The Hill) with a laugh. “I don’t care how bad I do politically. I’m not going on Dancing With the Stars.”

Then Fox’s Gretchen Carlson joked, “American Idol may be in your future,” referencing his not-so-hot rendition of “America the Beautiful.” “I’m afraid I can’t make that cut either,” Romney said.

Well, there’s always Survivor. Think he could pull that one off?

The official cast for Dancing With the Stars Season 14 will be announced on Tuesday, February 28 on Good Morning America.

Source: The Hill

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