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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Mystery: How Did ”A” Know About Ezria’s Vegan Dinner Date?

“A” has always worked in mysterious ways on Pretty Little Liars, but he/she did something even the most talented of all sleuths couldn’t do: find out that Ezria would be meeting at Chez Mirabelle Vegan Bistro in Season 2, Episode 20: “CTRL: A.”

Bear with us: In the episode, Ezra (Ian Harding) is talking to Aria (Lucy Hale) on the phone, telling her where they are going to have dinner that night. Ezra is alone in his office at Hollis, and Aria is talking quietly outside Rosewood High. We re-watched the clip of their conversation to make sure we didn’t miss anyone lurking in the background at either location.

So, Ezra tells Aria that they are going to dinner at Chez Mirabelle Vegan Bistro — he only says the restaurant’s name once. So how did “A” know exactly which restaurant (let alone what time) they were going to in his/her note to Byron Montgomery (Chad Lowe)?

Ezria were both talking on their personal cell phones, so wire-tapping Ezra’s office phone is out of the question. Aria never says the restaurant’s name out loud, so the possibility that “A” was lurking near Aria at Rosewood High doesn’t work. There are really only two possibilities:

1) Ezra’s office is bugged. Since Ezra was the only one to mention the restaurant’s name out loud, “A” might have bugged Ezra’s Hollis office, and that’s how they could hear his end of the conversation. He does leave his door open way too often, after all.

2) “A” has bugged Aria or Ezra’s cell phone. It is possible to bug a cell phone, but it’s incredibly difficult to do so. A “roving bug” is something only the FBI has access to. We found this old news report on how to bug a cell phone using legal software, but that would mean that “A” had to have stolen Aria’s cell phone, installed complicated software (which would take a while), and then somehow put the bugged cell phone back wherever they had taken it from so Aria didn’t notice.

What do you think? We know “A” is technologically gifted, so could Option #2 really be the answer? Or is it something more frightening, like someone stalking Ezra and overhearing his conversation from his office closet? We might have to wait until the Season 2 finale to find out!

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02.17.2012 / 01:37 AM EDT by Molly Friedman
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