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Revenge Producers Reveal How They Tricked Viewers About Who Got Shot on the Beach

For months now, Revenge fans have fretted that Daniel Grayson was the person who was shot and killed on the beach during the Fire & Ice engagement party.

It sure looked like him during that brief scene in the pilot, and it looked like him again in last night's super-twisty episode. But the end of "Chaos" revealed that it wasn't Daniel lying face-down in the sand; it was the nefarious Tyler Barrol.

So how did the masterminds of Revenge trick us so well (and might we add, deviously)?

The secret? A body double!

Yep, since we never saw the body's face, producers told Entertainment Weekly that they chose a body double who resembled both Daniel and Tyler.

"We put a darker wash in Ashton Holmes’ hair, too," revealed Sanford Bookstaver, who directed episode 15.

As for when The Powers That Be decided Daniel decided Daniel wouldn't be the dead body — it was in the plan all along.

"I have known for 15 episodes that it’s not Daniel," executive producer Martin Bowen confessed.

As for how they settled upon Tyler as the person to go, Bookstaver said, "He was such an amazing villain on the show that everyone hated him. He was such an intricate character, and he was tied into everybody on the show, so we felt that that he was the best choice to go, at this particular moment in the series. He had reached his peak as a villain."

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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