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Jersey Shore

SamRon in Drama-Free Love on Jersey Shore Season 5 – Should They Get Back Together?

Call us crazy, but the absence of any SamRon drama on Jersey Shore Season 5 has actually made our heart grow fonder for the typically volatile pair. They’re kind of acting too cute this season, aren’t they?

According to Ronnie and Sam, they broke up (again) soon after filming for Season 5 ended. Ronnie blamed the split on rather mature reasons, including the fact that they both want to focus on their careers, and didn’t think it was fair to continue seeing each other if they could only hang out once a week.

Sammi recently told Wetpaint Entertainment that she still loves Ron, and he will always be a huge part of her life. Clearly there isn’t any love lost between the off-and-on pair, who have behaved like Bizarro World versions of themselves this season.

On last night’s Season 5, Episode 7: “Love at the Jersey Shore,” we saw Ron curled up with his head on Sammi’s lap; Sammi laughing hysterically with Ron when he got a little drunk and danced too hard; and a quick peek at SamRon in bed together, arms around each other peacefully.

Maybe it’s time these two gave it another go — this time, with (dare we say it?) marriage in mind. What do you think?

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