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Should Kurt and Karofsky Date? Glee Fans Sound Off

When Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) confessed to Kurt (Chris Colfer) in Season 3, Episode 13: “Heart” that he thought he loved him, we weren’t exactly sure what to think.

We already knew Dave has feelings for Kurt... but his track record with expressing those feelings in the past? Not so great.

Yet when we first asked for your thoughts about the pair back in November, a surprisingly high percentage of you said you’d actually like to see them as a couple. So in light of Dave’s declaration of love during “Heart,” we posed the question again: Should Kurt and Karofsky Date?

The response has been overwhelming. First, the answer was a resounding “YES.” Then Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss) fans caught wind of things, and votes of “NO” started pouring in from all over.

One way or the other, Glee fans are heavily invested in this debate. Dave’s journey towards self-acceptance strikes a chord with many people... but issues of bullying are a highly-personal topic as well.

Plenty of fans were quick to voice your opinion in the comments. Here’s a look at what some of you said:

Would Kurt and Karofsky could make a good couple?

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After Kurt and Karofsky’s meeting at Scandals in Glee Season 3, Episode 5 "The First Time," Kate wrote, “The chemistry between Dave and Kurt blows me away. To be honest, I've never seen those sparkles between Kurt and Blaine, even in tonight's episode. And the fact that talk with Dave inspired Kurt to go and dance fierce with Sebastian and Blaine is undeniable. I think that they would be the greatest couple on the show.”

Many of you said that Kurt and Blaine’s relationship can feel unrealistic and a bit too perfect. You liked the realness that a Kurtofsky romance would have.

Stephen wrote, “It may not be this perfect little fantasy that klainers seem to want, but it's real and meaningful. In my opinion Dave Karofsky is one of the most realistic characters on the entire show, and that is what draws viewers to him.”

Melissa, “I don't hate Blaine at all. But this is High School and it's very true that Klaine running off into the sunset and living happily ever after is just plain unrealistic. That being said, I would really LOVE to see Kurtofsky... like, really really! I just think they'd be great together. There is something there that can't be ignored! I think their relationship would be far more realistic than Klaine. I'm really hoping for Kurtofsky to happen.”

Nia wrote, “I hate that kurtofsky is being brought up as even an option as a romance. Kurt was literally terrified of him during season two, he said he was scared to walk around corners, flinched when he heard locker doors slam, and wasn’t even comfortable coming to school at all, because he felt unsafe. He had to transfer schools to get away from him!”

Mariana wrote, “I think the general audience should forgive Dave for his earlier actions, his apology and his remorse were heartfelt. I honestly believe Kurt forgave him too. I do believe that a story like Kurt and Dave's should be told and further explored but I, in all honesty, think the best way to explore that is through friendship.”

Reasons you think Kurt and Karofsky shouldn’t date.

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Lani wrote, “I don't think they should. Dave has a lot of baggage and, as we saw, is STILL not ready to come out yet. He BULLIED Kurt. It wasn't just your childish hair pulling stuff, he scared and hurt Kurt so bad he transferred schools!”

Jessica wrote, “I like Dave. I want him to be happy and he deserves love. The reason I don't want this couple to happen is because it's triggering for a lot of people. I don't care if anyone thinks it's silly. There are so many people who watch this show who are bullied themselves.”

Rhicoontz wrote, “It is not Kurt's responsibility to fix Karofsky's self-loathing. Karofsky has done enough to Kurt, don't you think? I don't mind a friendship, but Kurt has made it pretty clear that he has no interest in Karofsky romantically whatsoever. Plus, I don't think a relationship would be healthy for EITHER of them. I am all for Dave being happy. But that doesn't mean it's Kurt's responsibility to make sure he is. He loves Blaine.”

You’ve heard what Glee fans think... and there’s certainly a range of opinions. Now, how do you think the show will handle this tricky subject?

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