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The Bachelor

Spoiler! Reality Steve on Ben Flajnik and His Bachelor 16 Fiancee: “They’re Struggling”

During Reality Steve’s live hour-long Q&A session on Thursday, February 16, the Spoiler King addressed the buzz around the Season 16 couple’s questionable relationship status.


Credit: via Cassie Lambert's Twitter    

While Courtney Robertson has been the main source of viewers’ wrath, Reality Steve was pointing the blame at Ben Flajnik for their difficult post-Bachelor journey.

Though he didn’t definitely say they’d broken up, he said of the engaged pair, "They're struggling" with everything that comes with being on the show (including the time apart once filming has wrapped). He also predicted that a break up could very well happen by the time the After the Final Rose special airs for a number of reasons, but mainly because:

- Ben wants to be liked
- No one will like Ben if he stays with Courtney

So rather than defend his Chosen One, Reality Steve is more likely to believe that Ben will take the “easy way out” and break up with Courtney.

He’s also not too surprised by rumors that Ben is misbehaving, calling the wine maker a “frat boy” — citing his post-Bachelorette Season 7 (rumored) romantic history with franchise alums Britt Billmaier, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Shawntel Newton — who went on The Bachelor to “promote his winery... meet a bunch of chicks and make out with them.” Ouch!


Maybe this explains Ben’s lack of, um, personality this season? Or why the main focus has been Courtney and not his budding relationships with the girls. Admittedly, we have had more fun watching him run through airports than on his dates with his supposed love interests. Eek!

Let’s hope that now that the girls are out of the house and he’ll be meeting them on their home turf next week, we’ll see more spark.

Source: Reality Steve


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