Who Is Maya’s Ex-Boyfriend on Pretty Little Liars? 5 Likely Candidates
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Pretty Little Liars

Who Is Maya’s Ex-Boyfriend on Pretty Little Liars? 5 Likely Candidates

Just a mere few weeks ago, we had come down with a bad case of Emaya fever, but now we just might be cured — especially with the possibility that Maya is still with her mysterious ex-boyfriend. So because we’re super-curious as to who this dude might be, we’ve used clues from Pretty Little Liars to compile a list of the five guys most likely to be Maya’s ex.

And to whichever guy it is, we have a message: There’s no way you’re as much of a catch as Emily (Shay Mitchell) is, so you might as well give up now!

5. Holden Strauss
Now that we know about Holden’s (Shane Coffey) martial-arts pastime, we might not be learning other juicy secrets about him anytime soon. However, we still find it hard to believe that his apparent love of inflicting pain to people in white robes is the only surprise he has in store, and we can see that Maya might fall for a danger-seeker (not to mention a potential substance-abuser) like Holden. And who can say no to a guy who randomly buys you Gummi Bears? Not us!

4. Wren Kim
Part of us thinks of Wren (Julian Morris) as a likely candidate just because the show hasn’t yet tried to lead us in that direction, meaning it would be a big surprise. It makes sense that he might have been her doctor at some point, or perhaps he provided medical care to True North. Either way, we already know this guy has a thing for younger women, and that once he falls for someone, he has a knack for being persistent.

Who Is Maya’s Ex-Boyfriend on Pretty Little Liars? 5 Likely Candidates
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3. Garrett Reynolds
This one might not be such a stretch, since Maya could have a thing for bad boys, plus a cop like Garrett (Yani Gellman) might have had a run-in with trouble-making Maya (or maybe he spoke at True North). And we can’t help wondering if Garrett’s comment during an argument with Jenna (Tammin Sursok) (Season 2, Episode 15: “A Hot Piece of A”) — about how it was Jenna’s idea to bring someone in — might have referred to a hook-up with Maya, since Maya has liked both guys and girls. Frankly, we hope this isn’t what happened, but on this show, you never know.

2. Noel Kahn
When Emily and her mom met Maya at that restaurant (Season 2, Episode 18: “A Kiss Before Lying”), Em spotted Maya and Noel (Brant Daugherty) chatting. Maya even said that Noel is sweet (huh?!), and while we’ve been led to believe that Maya and Noel just met, perhaps these two were in fact dating but Maya didn’t want to let Emily in on it. And given all the girls in Rosewood who’ve inexplicably fallen for Noel, we wouldn’t be all that shocked if we had to add one more name to the list.

1. Jason Dilaurentis
Suddenly, Jason (Drew Van Acker) is seeming like the most likely candidate, given his clandestine meeting with Maya just before Spencer (Troian Bellisario) met up with him this week (Season 2, Episode 20: “CTRL:A”). And isn’t it quite the coincidence that he’s a substance-abuse counselor, making it likely that he would have had run-ins with Maya at some point? Frankly, we’re still stunned that the guy has managed to stay single for this long. (Translation: If someone doesn’t snatch him up, we just might have to.)

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