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The Bachelor

Women Hate Women Who Look Sexy (and Not Just on The Bachelor) — Shocking Study!

Here's a sad little study that probably won't shock anyone, but it's still kind of a wake-up call.

According to a CBS News MoneyWatch story, University of Ottowa professor Tracy Vaillancourt told 86 women they were being recruited for a study in conflict resolution. "Half of the women were briefly interrupted in the fake 'study' by an attractive woman who was dressed in a t-shirt in khakis,” the story reports. “The other half were interrupted by same attractive woman, this time dressed in a tight, low-cut blouse and a miniskirt. Unbeknownst to the study participants, they were being videotaped. Other women were then shown the videotapes and asked to rate the subject's reactions to the attractive woman."

Credit: via Courtney Robertson's Official Website    

You can see the woman dressed both ways on the news site.

The story said the women in the study were more likely to roll their eyes at the "attractive" woman, stare her up and down, and even show anger when she was in the room. "When she left, Vaillancourt says, the other women 'laughed at her, ridiculed her appearance, and/or suggested that she was sexually available.'"

The study participants were more likely to talk about that “attractive” woman when she left the room, whereas the more “conservative” woman — again, still the same woman just dressed differently — was not the subject of conversation when she left the room. There are more details to the study, showing that the women didn't want the "attractive" girl to be introduced to their boyfriends and they didn't want her as a friend at all, whereas an overweight woman could wear whatever she wanted and the study participants didn't care if she spent time with their boyfriends.

Here's the conclusion: "Vaillancourt says her study shows that women do compete with each other by being aggressive toward women who are perceived as sexy. She says it shows that the bad behavior familiar to viewers of, say, The Bachelor, is not an isolated television phenomenon brought on by overzealous producers. Instead, she says, this behavior is a reality in our schools and workplaces."

So ... score 1 for Bachelor producers, 0 for women in general!

Do you agree with this study? Do you think you would've reacted negatively to the woman dressed in sexy attire?

Source: CBS News

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02.17.2012 / 06:17 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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