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The Bachelor

5 Reasons Why Kacie Boguskie Is Best for Ben Flajnik

Ben Flajnik made his official choice months ago but that won’t stop us from retroactively giving him advice on who to pick in the upcoming finale of The Bachelor Season 16. Today we’re suggesting he go with fan favorite Kacie Boguskie — and here are five reasons why:

5 Reasons Why Kacie Boguskie Is Best for Ben Flajnik
Credit: Katherine Bomboy-Thornton/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

1. She’d be good for him
Kacie’s probably TOO good for Ben, but maybe she’d make him want to be a better man, As Good As It Gets-style. She’s a wholesome Southern girl whose goal is to find a love like her grandparents had. Her sweetness would be good for Ben — he does have that edgy Storm Horse side, but rather than finding someone just like himself he could probably use someone grounded like Kacie to balance him out.

2. They have a great friendship
Yeah, everyone wants passion in their relationship — especially early on — but Ben himself is a fan of the “slow-burn” relationships and he has one with Kacie B. They had an instant spark, but their deep connection seems to be based on a solid level of friendship, affection and mutual respect. That’s the kind of bond that stands the test of time.

3. She seems to really care about him
Kacie was Ben’s shoulder to cry on during their emotional home movie date in Sonoma, when he saw photos of his beloved late father. Kacie felt comfortable enough with Ben to open up to him about her eating disorder in high school. She also felt like she could be honest with him about how she felt about Courtney Robertson — even knowing the move backfired for Emily O'Brien. Ben trusted Kacie (and Nicki Sterling) enough to listen to their words instead of getting irritated and immediately discounting them. Kacie was the first girl to get two individual dates and she also got the group date rose in Belize — after revealing that she was falling for him — making her the first girl Ben chose for hometown dates. They seem very sure of each other and their connection. Kacie’s jealousy may surprise even herself sometimes, but it’s a sign of how fast she found herself falling for Ben and how sure she is that he’s the one for her.

4. She’s the perfect combination of sexy and cute
Yeah, we stole that from Crazy, Stupid, Love — but it’s never been more appropriate! She and Ben don’t seem to be on the verge of skinny dipping together, but she did go backwards butt skiing for him (albeit, involuntarily) in San Francisco which is a nice, acceptable but still pretty classy compromise. She looks hot in a bikini but still adorably “real” with her frizzy humidity hair. Heck, she even makes granny panties look good.

5. Other women — heck, other people! —like her
If it’s really important to Ben that he end up with a woman everyone likes — and therefore be liked himself — he could do worse than America’s Sweetheart. Not only do viewers at home love her, most of the ladies in the house (and Bachelor Nation) seem to love her too. She has been known to say not-so-nice thing about Courtney but that’s also probably a sign of how protective she feels about Ben.

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