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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Most Romantic Moments of All Time on Secret Life of the American Teenager

Valentine’s Day might be over, but love is still in the air! Or it is for those of us who were lucky enough to have a bf or gf this Valentine’s Day (no, we’re not bitter… ).

We played Cupid and rounded up the most romantic moments on Secret Life of the American Teenager. You + this list = the perfect date!

1. Ricky and Amy Finally Get Together

It’s been three years in the making, but Ricky and Amy are finally a couple! They seal the deal with a seriously sweet make-out sesh, followed by a ridiculously adorable montage of giggling and general gabbin’ in Amy’s cozy NYC pad. Bonding moment!

2. Ben and Amy’s First Kiss

First of all, could their date at the fair have been any cuter? Too bad Amy vomits her corn dogs all over Ben just as he swoops in for that smooch. But Ben doesn’t let a little puke stop him from getting what he wants. He and Amy share true love’s first kiss, lingering vom and all. Aww.

3. Ricky Tells Adrian He Hearts Her

It took a few rounds of therapy and a couple break ups, but Ricky finally drops the L-bomb on Adrian. And it couldn’t have been more perfect! Ricky wants to prove his commitment to Adrian by spending the night — you know, instead of just hangin’ and bangin’ — and as he watches her sleep peacefully, he looks unusually thoughtful. Is he perplexed by the amount of eye makeup Adrian’s wearing? Nope! He’s just gearing up to say “I love you.” Sighhh!

4. Ricky And Amy’s "Practice" Kiss
Ricky and Amy aren’t fooling us. Their practice kiss was 100 percent for realzies. When Amy is worried that she’s a bad kisser, she turns to her baby daddy for some lessons in luvin’ (after all, he’s the sexpert). Ricky’s words of wisdom? “Relax, I’ll do all the hard stuff.” Yeah, we betcha will, buddy.

Credit: Secret Life of the American Teenager Facebook page    

5. Amy and Ben’s Engagement (Round One)
A simple picnic in the park turns into a full-on sob fest when Ben pops the question to Amy. Keep in mind that these two barely know each other, that they’re teenagers, and that Amy’s knocked up with another dude’s baby. But that doesn’t stop Ben’s proposal from being super cute! Why Amy doesn’t immediately reject him is beyond us, but hey –– she’s all hyped up on those crazy pregnancy hormones!

6. Amy And Ben’s Engagement (Round Two)

Seriously, Ben and Amy should not be allowed to go on picnics together. It’s like, Ben plus a big cooler of food equals an illegal marriage. This time ‘round, Ben fills his cooler with buffalo wings — but he and Amy are only hungry for each other! A quick make-out sesh and boob-grab later, and they’re engaged! Again. Though as Ben points out, aren’t they kinda already married?

7. Ricky And Amy’s First Kiss

OMG, hands down, the best kiss of all time. Let’s set the scene: Amy’s sitting alone in a room “playing” the French horn (yeah, right). Ricky stumbles across her and demands that she play for him. But Amy says her lips are too dry! What happens when the word “lip” is mentioned in front of the Rick-man? Kissing is like a drug to this boy, so of course he swoops in to moisten Amy. Who needs lip gloss when you have Ricky’s tongue?

8. Ricky's Proposal To Amy

Sure, it came after the most depressing graduation speech we’ve ever heard in our lives, but Ricky’s proposal to Amy was out-of-this world sweet. He popped the question in front of her friends, family and baby John, so everyone was in on the adorable action! Well, everyone except for Adrian who was giving Amy the evil eye from across the room.

9. Ben's Proposal to Adrian

Anyone else notice that, like, half this list consists of proposals? Sure, these wayward teens are in highschool, but they know how to put a ring on it like the rest of ‘em! This was Ben’s third proposal on Secret Life, and it may have been his best. Who doesn’t want the man of their dreams to get down on one knee in a taco joint? It’s an all-you-can-eat dream come true!

10. Jack And Grace's Reunion Kiss

Jack and Grace were the cutest couple this side of Preggers City — until they had sex and killed Grace’s dad with the power of their red hot love. After seasons of back and forth, these two sealed it with a kiss during Secret Life’s mid-season finale. It was about time!