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True Blood

Who’s the Better Vampire Lover: Sookie Stackhouse or Elena Gilbert?

Things vampires like: Blood, juicy veins, glitter (that’s just Edward), and small town girls livin’ in a lonely world.

True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse and The Vampire Diaries Elena Gilbert are both lucky enough to have blood-suckers habitually drain their bodily fluids, but which fangbanger would you rather date?

Let’s start with Sookie and her fairy tail. This local yokel has that whole “I dress like a fifth grader but I’m secretly sexy” thing going on, and she’s not afraid to flaunt it. She’s sweet and kind, but also a ballsy go-getter who always puts up a fight. Also, she’s rocking an amazing body — trust us, we’ve seen every inch of it.

Elena is just as sexy as her R-rated counter-part, but she’s slightly more demure and put together than Sookie. Elena’s appeal lies in her honest nature and girl-next-door charm — and yes, she also has a rocking bod and beautiful eyes. But does she have an endearing gap-toothed smile? Nope, that’s just the Sookster.

If you were a vampire, would you want Sookie or Elena as your human girlfriend? (Warning, answering this question definitely counts as fan-fiction)

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