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What to Expect in Revenge Season 1, Episode 16: A Detailed Analysis of the Promo

The promo for Episode 16 of Revenge is 30 jam-packed seconds full of pensive looks, hoodies, and furrowed brows.

If you watched it and still feel like you have no idea who was arrested for Tyler’s murder, fear not. We’ve parsed through each millisecond of promo content and created a detailed analysis of what’s to come!

0:01 – Tyler Points a Gun at Someone
Is it wrong that we find him even more handsome than usual?

0:02 – Victoria Looks Sinister and Says Tyler Was a “Menace”
If by “menace” she means a misunderstood angel, then yes.

0:03 – Emily Implies That Tyler Stole Her Gun
Seriously, is she incapable of shedding a tear for her fallen hommie?

0:04 – Daniel Looks Pensive
Don’t bother him, he’s composing a poem.

0:05 – Ashley Is Team Tyler
Does she seriously think Daniel could kill someone? Has she not seen his soulful eyes?

0:07 – Emily Asks Daniel What Went Down on the Beach
He’s too busy worrying about whether or not they’ll let him wear boat shoes in jail to answer.

0:08 – Daniel Holds a Gun at Tyler
Looks like there was more to this bro-off than meets the eye ....

0:09 – Danny Boy Has Amnesia, But Doesn’t Forget How Handsome He Is
Looks like Daniel has no memories of the night Tyler died. Did Satoshi cast a spell on him?

0:10 – Emily Side-Eyes Someone While Driving A Car
Eyes on the road, girl.

0:11 – Victoria And Her Lawyers Walk In Slow-Motion
Is it too much to hope for a crossover episode with Law & Order?

0:11 – Jack Looks at Something, Seems Confused
We would say, “what else is new,” but we’re worried — did Jack get hold of Emily’s rrevenge list?

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

0:12 – Daniel and Emily Sad-Face Kiss
More importantly, Daniel is wearing a black hoodie. Things really must be bad.

0:14 – Victoria Questions Emily’s Allegiance To Daniel
It’s about time, to be honest.

0:16 – Emily Catches Daniel Looking Through Her Floorboards
Jokes on him! Em’s Revenge box is safely buried in the sand along with her dignity.

0:17 – Emily Looks Like a Librarian, Wants to Dish About the Graysons With Daniel’s Lawyer
Ok, the first part isn’t actually relevant — but what’s more important, a murder or a fashion crime?

0:19 – Conrad and Victoria Appear to Be in a Hospital
Now is not the time for a routine Botox injection, Connie.

0:19 – Conrad Peers Around a Corner at Victoria
He needs to make this face more often.

0:20 – Jack Looks Worried For No Reason
Sigh, the editors clearly just wanted an excuse to stick a soft-focused close-up of his face in the promo.

0:21 – Daniel Gets Arrested!
Since when is being criminally handsome an arrestable offense?

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