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The Kardashians

Before They Were Famous: Inside Bruce Jenner’s Proposal to Kris Kardashian

In May, the world watched with teary-eyes as Kris Humphries proposed to girlfriend Kim Kardashian amidst a bedroom of rose petals and candles on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but what about the engagements that happened in the famous family before they were, well, famous? In a new interview with The Huffington Post, Momager Kris Jenner opened up about her own engagement to former Olympian Bruce Jenner.

Turns out, Mama J’s engagement to Bruce couldn’t have been more different from Kim and Kris’. Not only was it not filmed for the world to see, it was also totally spontaneous.

While out to eat one evening a few months into dating, Mama J says Bruce “dropped to a knee” out of the blue: "We had been house-hunting all day and we were thinking about moving in together, and then I thought to myself, driving to the restaurant that we were going to, 'I must be out of my mind that we're house-hunting. We're not even married, we're not even engaged!' And that night he just busted out a move. He said, 'I am totally in love with you and would you marry me?' I was very surprised."

Cute, right? But as with most spur-of-the-moments engagements, it had its pitfalls. Kris says Bruce proposed without a ring – and she didn’t get the one she really wanted until this past summer in Bora Bora

"You know when I got a ring? A few months ago in Bora Bora. I got my ring for my twentieth anniversary,” she says. And it wasn’t lack of funds that stopped Bruce was picking out the perfect ring, but rather fear that he’d pick the wrong one! “I'm really kind of picky about that stuff, in case you hadn't noticed,” Mama J jokes. “I'm very specific and he knew how anal I was. I'm kind of crazy that way."

Source: The Huffington Post

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