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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Did Alison Know Who “A” Was?

In our opinions, the most shocking revelation so far on the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 winter season was that Alison (Sasha Pieterse) was not only stalked by "A" before her murder — which we already knew from the Halloween episode — but was actively tracking "A" down.

The liars are now following in Ali's "A"-tracing footsteps by getting in contact with Jonah, which leaves us wondering: Did Ali actually find out "A"'s identity? And, if she did, what happened next?

It's too early to tell what really went down, but we've taken a stab at cataloguing the different ways this plot could go. Take a look at our theories and then let us know: What do you think happened between Ali and "A"?

Ali did find out "A"'s identity — and died for it. We've seen that Ali is smart, resourceful, and deeply determined. If anyone could track down "A," it's this snarky teen queen, especially since she apparently got as far as finding out "A"'s number. We've also seen that "A" is ruthless, so it's possible (s)he orchestrated Ali's murder. This seems particularly likely if Ali started trying to use her knowledge of "A"'s identity to her advantage (by blackmailing the stalker perhaps?). If this theory is true, than following Ali's footsteps could be both very helpful and very, very dangerous for the Liars.

Though this raises the question: How does the N.A.T. club fit in? Are they just a red herring, or are they involved with (or being played by) "A"?

Ali did find out "A"'s identity — and they teamed up. Hey, it's Ali, and if there's one thing Ali loved, it was power over other people. We could totally see her tracking down "A" and then proposing a partnership. She could even be the one who told "A" all of the Liars' dirty little secrets.

Of course, this still leaves the question: Who killed her? There could be lots of answers — the N.A.T. club, an enemy of "A," maybe even "A" his/herself if the partnership went sour.

Another theory: Maybe, just maybe, Ali isn't really dead. We wouldn't put it beyond "A" to fake a death convincingly (not to mention, there's always the potential of there being a secret twin in the mix, like in the books), and this would explain the Ali apparitions the girls have had over the seasons. Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz) said there's something in the finale more shocking than "A"'s identity, and Ali being alive definitely fits the bill.

Ali almost found "A"'s identity, but died before she got the truth: We wouldn't be surprised if this is the path the show goes. This way, Ali could posthumously help the liars get closer to the truth, but our heroes would still be the ones to make the finale deduction and bring "A" to justice (hopefully...). If this is what happened, it still seems likely that "A" was the killer or helped orchestrate Ali's death to protect his/her identity, though it's also possible someone else just happened to stumble on to the scene at a convenient time for the stalker.

Ali was totally off base in the hunt for "A." Given that the Liars are following Ali's footsteps right now and we know that they get the truth by the end of the season, this seems unlikely. Still, it is possible they are on a wild goose chase at the moment.

What do you think?

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