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Revenge Speculation: Will Amanda Die?

Revenge’s much-anticipated engagement party episode was an hour of nonstop action!

But between the beach murders, pill-poppin' heiresses and confuzzled studs, we might have over-looked something: Was Amanda shot by Tyler?

Tyler fired a few rounds at Amanda as she fled his shack in Montauk, but the way she ran down the dock made it seem like she was uninjured.

Fauxmandy looked relatively intact until we saw Jack’s hand covered in her blood and feared the worst!

Amanda must have a pretty serious bullet wound considering how drenched Jack’s hand was, and we’re worried. Is girlfriend going to make it out alive?

Unless Satoshi takes her to a hospital (or karate chops her blood away), it doesn’t look like Amanda will live for much longer.

Sigh, just when we were starting to get used to her ....

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02.21.2012 / 01:49 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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