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The Bachelor

Were Courtney Robertson’s Wedding Vows Inspired By Sex and the City?

How moving were Courtney Robertson’s vows to Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor Season 16 hometown date?

So much so that it even melted the coldest of Bachelor Nation’s hearts. Kind of made us wish someone had said them to us.

Oh but wait, someone did say it to us. Yes, that’s right. While many of us were swooning, the Twitter-verse was buzzing about the fact that Courtney’s vows may or may not have been inspired by an iconic TV character in the finale episode of one of the greatest love stories ever told: Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

Even Chris Harrison had to drop his usual Rosemaster duties to wonder:

@chrisbharrison: Love #Bachelornation for noticing Courtney's vows were ripped from Sex & The City. We'll have to look that one up #Bachelor

No need, Chris. Here it is:

Hmm... was this another Courtney joke that maybe those outside of her inner circle would not understand? Considering it was a mock wedding, is it really that big a deal? Or is Ben being played more than he ever knew. What’s next? Quoting Nickelback lyrics in the finale?

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