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The Bachelor

Why Did Bachelor Ben Flajnik Dump Kacie Boguskie — Was It Because of Her Parents?

Papa, don’t preach... unless you want your words to get your daughter dumped on The Bachelor.

Back on Season 11, Bettina Bell was rumored to be Brad Womack 1.0’s favorite until her dad was so anti-Brad on the hometown dates it led Brad to believe it would never work. Last year on Season 15, Shawntel Newton’s father sent her on a guilt trip for skipping major funerals to date Brad 2.0, leading Brad to believe that it would be a crime to have her move to Austin.

This year on The Bachelor Season 16 hometown dates, Kacie Boguskie’s dad talked to Ben Flajnik about the seriousness of marriage, suggesting to Ben that if he knew Kacie was not The One he should let her go sooner rather than later to spare her feelings. He also told Kacie if Ben asked for his blessing to propose, he’d be out of luck. Kacie’s mom also told Ben she would be “disappointed” if Kacie moved to California and lived with Ben before marriage.

Good parental protection but … did it spook Ben into deciding he and Kacie wouldn’t fit? Ben did admit he wasn’t at a point where he was ready to propose so maybe both Kacie’s “I’d say yes” and Dad’s “I’d say no” perspectives just pushed him to say “I’d say see ya.” Who wants to come between a girl and her parents? Do you think that’s why Ben dumped her or do you think he was a already planning to let her go at the hometown dates?

Kacie was the first girl to get two individual dates on Season 16, and she seemed to have a strong connection with Ben. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Ben to have eliminated, say, Nicki Sterling at this point, since she was the only one of the final four to have only had one individual date before hometowns? Or did Ben’s feelings for Nicki grow stronger while he realized he wasn’t on a pre-engagement path with Kacie? Did Ben not want to take Kacie to the overnight dates in Switzerland since that’s the site of the — bow-chicka-bow-bow — fantasy suites and her parents would probably kill him from afar? Does Ben already know his top two and the rest is just a matter of tear management?

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02.21.2012 / 08:53 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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