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True Blood

5 Burning Questions About The Authority on True Blood

We've heard rumors and rumblings about True Blood's team of super-vamps known as "The Authority" for years, but we've yet to actually meet them!

Who are these bad boys and gals, and why are they so mysterious?

Here are the facts: The Authority is a sinister team of vampires who want to take down the monarchy. They successfully killed Queen Sophie Anne and allowed Bill to usurp her throne, but now Bill and Eric have teamed up (bromance alert!) to take the Authority down to Chinatown.

True Blood promises to bring viewers further into The Authority's secret world next season, so check out the top five burning questions we hope get answered!

1. Does The Authority Exist All Over The World, or Just in the USA?

True Blood is set in the good ol' USA, and though we've seen vampires in flashbacks to London and Sweden (sigh, Viking Eric ....), we don't know much about their existence in other countries. Does The Authority control vampires the world over, or are they just an American powerhouse?

2. Where Is The Authority's Headquarters?

Apparently, vampires love the Dirty South (way to go, Anne Rice), but surely a powerful group of vamps wouldn't live in the backwoods of Bon Temps. We assume The Authority has headquarters in a big city like New York or Washington, which would take True Blood in a completely different direction next season.

3. How Do You Become a Member?

Nan Flanagan (RIP, girl) was a low-level member of The Authority who was assigned to the greater Bon Temps area, but we have no clue how she got her job. Can a vamp apply to work for The Authority, or do you have to be recruited? Bill was technically propositioned by Nan to work for this mysterious group of bloodsuckers, but what about the higher-ups?

4. Who Is The Authority's Leader?

Who started the Authority, and how is it run? We're curious to know whether members vote for their president in general elections like us mere mortals, or if the power-structure is established by a fight-to-the-death. One thing's for sure, blood will be shed!

5. Is The Authority High-Tech?

Nan was never without her walkie-talkies and headphones, which gives us the strong impression that The Authority are a super high-tech group of vampires capable of running surveillance on their subjects. New theory: The Authority works for the CIA!

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