Decoding Castle and Beckett’s Innuendos From Castle Season 4, Episode 16: “Linchpin”
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Decoding Castle and Beckett’s Innuendos From Castle Season 4, Episode 16: “Linchpin”

Sources say 93 percent of communication is non-verbal, and so far, Castle Season 4 has been a total testament to that.

It’s what Beckett, Castle, and the rest of the 12th precinct and their cronies haven’t said to each other that’s really piqued our interest. We blame it on that L-bomb at Season 3’s end, but whatever the real reason, Castle and Beckett have had a hard time saying what they truly feel this season.

Never fear, though, we’ve been trained to read between the lines, and we’re here to decode Caskett’s cryptic relations. So, without further adieu, here are the best Caskett moments from Season 4, Episode 16, “Linchpin” decoded:

What: The More, the Merrier!

When: After Castle admits he’s had a few nights in the sack with one sexy CIA agent, Beckett tells him it’s no big deal. “The more, the merrier,” she says sarcastically. Awkward!

What It Really Means: Who knew Beckett was such a master of sarcasm? Clearly, Beckett’s jealous, and would much rather not know that Castle had a past with anyone, let alone a hot, bad ass CIA agent.

What: Alexis Keeping Secrets

When: Alexis the Medical Examiner Intern witnesses Castle and Beckett’s awkward lovers' tiff about Sophia, but when Castle won’t come clean about his sexy CIA lady friend, Alexis gets angry. “If you’re going to keep secrets from me, I might start keeping them from you,” she warns.

What It Really Means: Is it just us, or is this season all about keeping secrets? We found it rather interesting that Castle writers decided to get Alexis on the secret-keeping bandwagon, too. Hey, like father, like daughter, we guess.

What: Sophia Told a Lot of Lies

When: First, Sophia tells Beckett about her relationship with Castle, saying it was all about tension and once that was broken, she wished she could go all Time Warp and not have slept with him. It’s pretty interesting that Beckett takes a leap of faith and even asks Sophia about Castle in the first place.

What It Really Means: Although Beckett could take this disheartening information to heart, once she finds out Sophia’s a big ol’ phony, it seems she discounts pretty much that entire conversation. Obvi, Sophia just wanted to mess with Beckett’s head.

“Sophia told a lot of lies,” Beckett tells Castle.

Translation? She doesn’t believe a word that came outta that b-i-you-know-what’s mouth. Hallelujah! There’s hope left after all.

1. What: So A-Muse-ing

When: At the tail end of the ep, Castle tells Beckett that Clara Strike was actually more like her — “smart, fierce, kind.” He continues: “I think that’s why I was so drawn to you,” before adding three words we so don’t want to hear: “as a muse.”

What It Really Means: While some fans seem to think Castle was serious with his muse comment, and that it was the writing on the wall, we don’t buy it.

Yeah, Right. As a muse? Pish posh. This is pure, unbridled romantic obsession, people — not just inspiration for a book. We see right through you, Rick Castle.

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