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Did Jenelle’s Evans’s Relationship With Mom Barbara Get Better After Rehab?

Jenelle Evans and her mom, Barbara, have never had an easy relationship. This season on Teen Mom 2, Babs kicked Jenelle out of the house — and even though they made up eventually, their relationship was still strained.

"We're doing a lot better because I was so bored with my life I would just do stupid sh*t and ended up getting in trouble," Jenelle explained to Dr. Drew on the Teen Mom 2 reunion check-up special.

"And now I have a set schedule every day and I'm so busy, that she's sees what I do, she sees me getting my appointments done. I'm taking my medication, I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing, so she's calmed down a little bit."

"Jenelle and I are getting on a little better," Barbara added. "We had a change in our household, her stepfather is gone. He moved in with a Hooters waitress! I just feel so liberated, and I feel free. And I feel back to myself where I should be."

That's exactly how we would feel if our hubby left us for a Hooters waitress ... or not. But good to know Jenelle and Babs are getting along so well!

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