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Did Sophia Turner Cause Kate Beckett to Have Second Thoughts About Starting a Relationship With Castle?

Women. Even when they’re dressed in uniform and forced to work with hoards of the opposite sex, the claws still come out.

Beckett learned this firsthand when sexy, sassy, and totally scandalous CIA agent Sophia Turner waltzed into her life and stirred up all kindsa dramz with her oh-so-pretty pout.

In one scene, Beckett — in a rare moment of vulnerability — asked Sophia about her relationship with Castle. Sure, we didn’t know Sophia was a dirty, backstabbing traitor at this point, but when she (backhandedly?) told Beckett that she regretted her relationship with Castle — mostly because it was based on tension and once that went away, there was nothing left — we couldn’t help but feel our (and Beckett’s) hearts sink.

But what now? We all know Castle and Beckett’s relationship is also built on sky-high sexual tension, so how will Beckett handle the information that hits so close to home? It certainly would make sense if the brunette bombshell decided to take a few steps away from him after hearing Sophia’s little all-too-familiar sounding story.

And the fact that Castle ever fell in like with someone so shady is also a little unnerving.

Still, Sophia was actually the bad guy the whole time, so can Beckett really trust anything she said?

Let’s weigh in, Castle fans! Will Beckett take Sophia’s “confession” to heart, or write it off faster than we can say “But-she-was-a-total-fake!”?

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02.22.2012 / 11:30 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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