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Gossip Girl’s Blair Vs. Serena — Whose Side Are You On? (POLL)

Even though last night’s episode of Gossip Girl (Season 5, Episode 16: “Cross Rhodes”) ended with a seeming mending-o-fences by its central BFF-ship (no, we don’t mean Dair, GOSH!), we have a feeling that the end of the drama is nowhere in sight…

Gossip Girl’s Blair Vs. Serena — Whose Side Are You On? (POLL)
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Y’see, there was that totally pained and bummerific look on Serena (Blake Lively)’s face after Blair (Leighton Meester) kissed Dan (Penn Badgley) in the hallway and the hospital, and we’re pretty sure it hints at more trouble to come for the duo. (And, frankly, so do these comments from exec producer Joshua Safran with their references to “Def-Con 4”).

For a couple-a friends who have seen more than their fair share of ups and downs, heartbreakin’ and two-timin’, we’re curious… At this point, which side of this dramalicious pal-pair do you favor?

Here are the arguments for both as we see ‘em…

Ever since Season 1 of GG, we’d argue that Blair is the better friend than Serena (seriously, the show was basically designed around that premise!). She’s loyal, she’s supportive, and she only schemes against her friend when absolutely necessary (winkkkk!). Sure, it may look like B is stealing her best friend’s love, but that’s hardly the truth… Serena’s ditched Dan on many occasions and just because she’s suddenly stuck on reuniting with the budding novelist doesn’t mean it has to jive with his social calendar! Dan loves Blair! Blair loves Dan! Dan doesn’t love Serena! So… Are we missing something? Sounds like it’s time for Serena to step back and let this happen – and for real, rather than just with a silly concession in the hallways of a hospital…

On the other hand, Blair knows what Serena has gone through on so many occasions to make her relaysh with Lonely Boy happen. Blair’s also been supportive of her time and time again when she’s needed a shove in the right direction – shoot, she did it just last week for Valentine’s Day! How can Blair go from wanting a Derena reunion one week to jumpin’ on the Dair bandwagon the next? Has she no sense of the cardinal rule of friendship – though shalt not date thy BFF’s ex? (We’ll ignore for a second Serena’s COMPLETE ignorance of this rule…) Blair may be loyal, but she’s certainly no saint. The show’s central ‘ships have ALWAYS been Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair and Serena and Dan – why change things now?

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02.22.2012 / 01:24 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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