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Grant Gustin: “Turning Points” for Sebastian and “Multiple Cliffhangers” in Glee’s Regionals (VIDEOS)

We already know to expect big HUGE — things on tonight’s Glee Season 3, Episode 14: “On My Way.” Now, Grant Gustin (Sebastian) is adding to the suspense even more!

In an interview with released on February 20, Grant teased, “There are some pretty epic plot twists that I don’t think anybody will see coming.” Yeah, people have been saying that all week. You can consider us sufficiently freaked out.

Grant continues, ”It’s borderline a genre change for Glee. It’s still got it’s very hilarious moments and really awesome performance numbers, but it’s a lesson-learning episode, for sure. And there’s some shocking moments for sure. There’s some shocking plot twists. It’s a great episode. There’s actually multiple cliffhangers.”

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If that wasn’t enough, he added, “And there’s some turning points even for Sebastian.” Hmm. “Turning points” as in the Warbler baddie actually starts to show a bit of remorse? Or “turning points” as in he does something even more outrageous than what we’ve already seen??

Plus, while it may have seemed in January 31's Glee Season 3: Episode 11: "Michael" that Sebastian had given up on trying to steal Blaine (Darren Criss) away from Kurt (Chris Colfer), Grant says fans shouldn’t be too quick to assume!

“I don’t know. It could go either way at this point. The way the Regionals episode, “On My Way,” ends, it’s a little more up in the air then it was at the end of “Michael.”” Uh-oh. That’s the second bit of potentially worrisome Klaine news we’ve heard today!

So, if Sebastian and Blaine ever did hook up — how would Grant feel about kissing Darren? “Darren’s my buddy. I would personally think it’s hilarious. If it’s put in the script, I mean, I would have absolutely no problem having Sebastian kiss Blaine.”

Watch all three interview videos here:


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