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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp Got Back Together After Rehab!

Rehab was great for Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans! She quit smoking pot, discovered she was bipolar, and — most importantly — she broke up with her good-for-nothing boyfriend, Kieffer Delp.

Unfortunately, their love defies common sense, and before long Jenelle and Kieffer were making out at Planet Fun just like the good ol' days.

"We're kinda on-and-off right now," Jenelle explained to Dr. Drew during the Teen Mom 2 Season 2 reunion special.

"It's really hard to break up with your best friend that's been there with you through everything. Even though he makes me mad, he helps me in a lot of different ways. He helps me be calm. He calms me down and stresses me out."

Kieffer's raging masculinity and soft mumble might calm Jenelle down, but as far as her mom' concerned, Kieffer's nothin' but trouble!

"I really do not like Kieffer," Jenelle's mom, Barbara, told Dr. Drew. "He's nothing but a drug addict, he's a manipulator, he uses Jenelle for everything and just sucks all the money outta her. He's just so no good."

"What's gonna be the bottom, Jenelle? To get this relationship out from under you?" Barbara asked her wayward daughter.

"I think maybe if you go to jail, maybe it's gonna be a good thing for you. Maybe you're gonna sit in there and say, what have I done? What has this guy done to me to ruin my life?"

If jail time is what it takes to cure an addiction to The Delp, we might as well join Jenelle in the clink!

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