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Karofsky’s Suicide Attempt: Actor Max Adler and Fans React on Twitter

Glee took on teen suicide in Season 3, Episode 14: “On My Way” when former big, bad bully Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) tried to take his own life. With it being such a sensitive issue, it wasn’t a surprise when Twitter blew up with opinions about how Ryan Murphy and Co. handled it.

Max himself responded to the flood of tweets, writing, “Aww shux. Karofsky is trending and Glee hasn't even hit the west coast yet! Wow. I am so flattered, and honored to be able to play this role.”

Unfortunately, not all reactions were positive. While there were those who applauded it for being bravely and sensitively handled, others were angered that the episode moved on to focus heavily on a heterosexual couple’s marriage and the club’s preparation for Regionals.

Want to see for yourself what fans are saying? We’ve rounded up tweets from both sides of the argument. We’ll start with the supporters:

KelliMarshall: While it's not always handled gingerly, #Glee deals with LGBT issues more than any other show on network TV. #GleeAintScared

gaybachelorblog: Probably the riskiest episode of #Glee ever. Great job @Gleeonfox #itGetsBetter

newyorkbell: @raven1215 I've always loved Karofsky! IMO, his storyline is much more compelling than half of the other ones on #Glee

And now for the nay-sayers:

shutupbuck: OK this same conversation was had on the original Degrassi High!!! Not kidding. #Suicide #Glee

_mesk: Oh yes, #Glee, the proper narrative response to homophobia+bullying is for two straight people to get married. Way to miss the point.

shelley1005: Glee. I am starting to be annoyed with you. Mixing the topic of teen suicide with the "let's win regionals" episode. Hmmpf.

How do you think Glee handled the issue? Sound off in the poll below!

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02.22.2012 / 07:27 AM EDT by Stephanie Long
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